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A painting of a village by the sea with a boat going by.

Height 18 " / 48cm  x  Width 11.8" / 30cm

Oil on canvas, 

Village By The Sea

SKU: NS018
  • This painting of an African village by the sea displays interesting contrasts between motion and stillness. The traditional boat with it's sail inflated by the wind that is blowing out to sea. Clouds are put in the sky with thick bold brushstrokes just above a yellow strip of sky. Birds are flying in the painting also giving a feeling of motion, even the two large trees which create an interesting composition, casting shadows for the whole design appear to be capable of motion. Contrasted is the still traditional huts and the figures all bathed in an interesting light. The colours in the painting are subdued but pleasant. and the village looks inviting and friendly and a nice place to be.


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