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A painting of an African woman with her baby wearing a fish like headscarf.

Medium. 16"  x  20 ".

Oil on canvas.

An African Lady With Her Baby.

Artikelnummer: NSO24
  • An African woman is facing out of the painting with half closed eyes. Her baby is held at her front close to her chest in a traditional baby sling holder. She is wearing a striking fish like headscarf where the head meets a large earring. The tail of the fish creates an interesting design above the curves of the woman's head. The shape of the tail is echoed by the knot of the sling on the woman's right shoulder. The baby is awake and is staring at the woman's chest.  The painting is a mix of greys, blacks and whites. The painting seems to set the atmosphere of long tradition and the distant past, this feeling is intensified because the figures are almost stone like in appearance.  


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