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Questions & Answers

Q : When did you first start painting ?

A : When I was in high school at around 19 yrs old.

Q : That was quite late to start. What did you want to be before you started painting  ?

A : I wanted to be a lawyer or maybe become a model. Quite different things.

Q : How many paintings have you done now ?

A : Not less than 100.

Q : What inspires you to paint ?

A :  It comes from the heart

Q:  I heard you design fashion as well ?

A :  Yes I do. Jewellery , T - shirts, different things.

Q :  How would you describe your work ?

A :   I am a contemporary African painter and my style uses African art patterns, oil paint gives the painting  a texture which I like. It is not like a print.

Q : Where can people see your paintings and designs ?

A :  Mainly on my website and at exhibitions when I have them. My last exhibition was in

       a gallery in the capital of Zanzibar. I sold quite a lot of paintings, so it is nice people like

       my work.


Q :  How can some one purchase a painting or design or even commission a piece ?

A :  They can do all that through my website.


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